All Saints Street Cute Anime Opening Theme

Hey guys, here’s the adorable opening theme of 2020 Chinese anime “All Saints Street” which was adapted from the popular Chinese webcomic of the same title by author Lingzi.

The opening theme song for the anime is sang by Chinese Vsinger vocaloids Luo Tianyi and Yanhe; Mo Qingxian and Yuezheng Ling also have smaller parts and harmonies.

All Saints Street opening featured the various characters from the anime which includes the following:

  • Neil Bowman (Nini) – our cute protagonist in the story and the future Demon King
  • Ira Blood – the resident vampire in the house and a video content creator specializing in beauty tips and gaming.
  • Damao – our hunk yet clueless werewolf of 1031 All Saints Street.
  • Lynn Angel – the strict landlord, and an angel who’s a clean-freak!
  • Lily Angel – Lynn’s younger sister and Nini’s love interest. They’re so cute together.
  • Abu – the oldest in the house, he is a mummy from a royal family. He’s quite invisible but we all love him anyway.
  • Nick Hoult – Nini’s half-brother, he is a demon who didn’t make an appearance yet but he is definite one of the All Saints Street characters that we are looking forward to see in the 2nd season of the anime.

For those who didn’t seen All Saints Street yet, here’s a short synopsis of its story.

Synopsis: The pure and cute little devil Nini lives in Unit 1031 of the All Saints Street Apartment. His flatmates are far from ordinary: the lazy and wacky vampire Ira who spends most of his time gaming or watching TV; the unlucky line dancer werewolf Vladimir; Lynn, the serious and old-fashioned angel landlord and his naive little sister Lily. What none of them realize is that within Nini sleeps the power of the demon king. With evil forces in hot pursuit, can Nini and his friends head off disaster?

It’s one of the most watched Chinese anime from spring 2020 lineup and was a furball of sunshine to every viewers who had seen it. You may watch it at Tencent Video or the following YouTube Channels:


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