Demon Slayer Movie Infinity Train – Release & Updates

Prepare yourself and mark your calendar on October as Demon Slayer movie will hit the Japanese theaters this 2020 with its adaptation of Infinity Train arc from the popular supernatural-shounen manga which will give us the nerve-wracking fight of Tanjirou and crew against Enmu as well as highly anticipated match between the Flame Pillar: Rengoku and the Upper Moon 3: Akaza.

We all know that Demon Slayer had been one of the best and obviously the most popular anime of 2019 where we, on our end had listed it as the 10th best anime series of the same year.  With so much hype, the upcoming Demon Slayer movie or some fans called as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba movie is the among the list of most anticipated anime film of 2020. Many believe that the movie holds the key whether Demon Slayer anime season 2 will be a reality or not, as it will definitely bridge the first season of the anime series and any potential sequels of the popular shounen anime.

Demon Slayer movie poster
Demon Slayer movie poster

In this post, I would like to share some updates about Demon Slayer movie Infinity Train which will surely awaken the sleeping demonic excitement from deep inside our veins during these times that the anime isn’t back yet.


Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train Release Date

Demon Slayer movie release date is slated on October 16, 2020 as revealed in the latest announcement by its production staff last April 10. The announcement also revealed a full-trailer for the movie as shown below:

Aside from the new trailer of Demon Slayer movie, we also have here all the previously revealed teaser videos and PVs for it in order to ignite the excitement among the fans.

While many fans had started reading the manga when the anime had ended last September 2019, it many big surprises had been surfacing lately in the internet since it seems that some fans couldn’t simply hide how excited they are with the events that taking place in the manga. Nonetheless, the Infinity Train arc which will be animated in the upcoming movie still holds some promise as ufotable will surely give us a lit and breathtaking animation of these not-to-miss chapters of Demon Slayer’s story.

Now, let’s all mark our calendar on October 16, 2020 and watch-out for any upcoming announcement about the Demon Slayer franchise as I seriously believe that the movie is not the last surprises that we will get from the series this year.

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