Fire Force Anime Season 2 – Release & Updates

Shinra Kusakabe and the rest of our fire fighters from the 8th Division is coming back on July 2020 for the upcoming Fire Force season 2. After the exciting stint that Fire Force had made last year where it ended up at ranked 22nd in our list of top 40 anime of 2019; there’s no doubt that it is one of the most anticipated anime of 2020.

Fire Force Anime season 2The first season of Fire Force had been a rough introduction for the series and it was really lit. The concept is actually unique and the story of human combustion is definitely an appealing one. What’s even more amazing are the different division of the Special Fire Force unit. I felt like it’s about time for us to get to know the rest of the characters from the story – the different divisions of the special fire force units and some more villains.

It’s also amazing to have a glimpse at the backstory of several members of the 8th division and see where they came from. Of course, what I am really excited to learn is more a deeper look at Captain Obi’s story. I am also excited to see my other favorite captains from the gang which is Princess Hibana from the 5th Division and Captain Tenmon from the 7th Division – both are really awesome and interesting characters to follow.

We were also introduced to the White Clad from the previous season – they are the villains that follows the Evangelist and our fire fighters must defeat them in order to secure peace and order in the community as these antagonists are the among the reason behind the human combustion. In fact, Fire Force season 2 will revolve more on them and some of the people in their upper echelon and the relationship that they share with Shinra and the Adolla link. For sure, the previous season had left us hanging and wanting for more and I am seriously excited to see the special fire force in its full power fight the White Clad in the upcoming 2nd season of Fire Force anime adaptation.


Fire Force Season 2 Release Date

Fire Force is expected to return on July as part of the summer 2020 anime lineup. As one of the biggest anime of 2020, people are seriously looking forward to see it. We will update this post with its exact release date once the official announcement had been revealed.

Meanwhile, we have here the teaser video for Fire Force anime season 2 to give you some glimpse of what we should expect in the upcoming return of our favorite anime firefighters.

So don’t forget to add Fire Force anime season 2 in your watchlist for the summer 2020 anime list on July.

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