Full-Time Magister Season 4 Trailer Unveiled

One of the most popular Chinese anime in the recent years had unveiled a new trailer for its 4th season which will be release on May 27, 2020. The anime was listed as one of our most-hyped and biggest Chinese anime of 2020. Thus, it is really amazing to finally see it coming for another season and what’s even more amazing is the fact that its quality keeps on getting better.

Based on the new trailer which was released by Tencent recently, Full-Time Magister or Quanzhi Fashi Season 4 release date is scheduled on May 27 as shown at the end of the video clip below.



The new trailer for Full-Time Magister season 4 had been released before 2019 ended last December and it shows new scenes that were never shown before in the previous seasons making the fans excited and talked about so many speculations about it.

Full-Time Magister Season 4 Trailer


While there’s no specific date yet about it, Full-Time Magister is among the most highly anticipated Chinese anime of 2020. And being one of the most popular donghua in the west, there’s no doubt that its fandom had been anxiously waiting to see what will happen next to Mo Fan’s journey.


The student of the usual Chinese school Mo Fan wakes up once … in the world of magic! The familiar world that surrounded him before has ceased to be the world of advanced technologies, civilization and scientific discoveries. Here, all is led by one magic! The school now encourages each student to become nothing more than a magician … However, even with such global changes in the usual way of life, the guy’s life has not changed much. Until now, his younger sister, confined to a wheelchair, is dependent on him, and he himself is a typical dregs of society, if not for one “but”… In the new world of magic, people are able to control only one natural element. And Mo Fan can subdue much more! In that past school, Mo Fan was an outstanding student who showed no interest in simple and necessary subjects. But in the world of magic, he learns that he is subject to the power of fire. And the perfect possession of this element puts the guy above his peers.

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