Donghua FAQ: Answering Fans Common Questions about Mo Dao Zu Shi

We’re back for another Donghua FAQ here at The Anime Archives and this time, we shall answer the question – What do we need to know about Mo Dao Zu Shi, or also known as The Founder of Diabolism, or the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation? In this post, we will tackle several questions that fans often ask about popular Chinese anime and will discuss them one by one as follows.

mo dao zu shi
mo dao zu shi

Is Mo Dao Zu Shi a novel, a comic, a manhua or original anime?

Alright, fans who only watch the Chinese anime adaptation of Mo Dao Zu Shi might simply ask this, in search of curiosity whether their newfound favorite anime is a standalone original anime, or adapted from the different source material. To put it straight, Mo Dao Zu Shi is a novel, it was written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (MXTX). The novel was also adapted in various media aside from the donghua, it also had a manhua adaptation (manga), an audio drama, and a live-action drama (which further popularized the story).

How Many Seasons Does Mo Dao Zu Shi Have?

How many seasons does Mo Dao Zu Shi have? For new fans of popular Chinese anime, this is important and probably a general question that should be often ask. Mo Dao Zu Shi anime adaptation had a total of 3 seasons, the first season aired in 2018 and was our best Chinese anime of the year. Followed by Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 2 which was released in 2019, and the upcoming Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 is scheduled for release this 2021.

How many episodes does Mo Dao Zu Shi have?

The first season of the anime had 15 episodes, then followed by the second season which was composed of 8 episodes. The third season, unfortunately, hasn’t unveiled its number of episodes yet. So, for the first and second seasons so far, Mo Dao Zu Shi had a total of 23 episodes at the moment.

When Does Season 3 of Mo Dao Zu Shi Come Out?

There’s no specific date yet when is the release of Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3. However, its Weibo page keeps on updating and releasing key and character visuals for the anime’s last season. Furthermore, Tencent had unveiled that Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 is listed as part of their 2021 Chinese anime lineup during their annual conference last August 8, 2020.

Is there Mo Dao Zu Shi Japanese dub?

In January 2021, Mo Dao Zu Shi was released in Japanese dub under the title Madou Soshi. Several new posters and visuals for the anime had been released that haven’t been seen by the fans before the Japanese dub version. Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 2 also gets a Japanese dub version and scheduled for release a few months after the first season ended.

Where to read Mo Dao Zu Shi novel?

The novel can be read by fans online on various websites that provide an English translation of web novels such as Novel Updates, Novel Full, Web Novel, and Wuxia World.

What about the manhua? Where can we read them?

You can read the Mo Dao Zu Shi manhua on WeComics at this link: The Master of Diabolism/The Untamed

Is Mo Dao Zu Shi a BL?

Many of us, especially those who only watch the anime recently, we are asking is Mo Dao Zu Shi a boys-love story? The anime, in particular, didn’t directly state this but it was hinted a lot of times, the same thing was also shown in the live-action drama The Untamed. However, its source material, the novel, and even the manhua are categorized as DANMEI (boys-love) genre, thus, making Mo Dao Zu Shi a canon boys-love story. This helps the novel receives a lot of support from BL fans and fujoshi, even to those people who are outside of China.

Are there any donghua similar to Mo Dao Zu Shi?

Yes, Mo Dao Zu Shi is one of the BL trinity danmei novels by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. She also wrote two more danmei novels – Heaven Official’s Blessing & Scumbag System. Both were also adapted into anime with the same title. Although, Mo Dao Zu Shi’s popularity must have open the path for their adaptation too. I had listed a full-scale recommendation of these donghua in the post: 10 Chinese Anime Like Mo Dao Zu Shi.

Alright, so these are only a few of the frequently asked questions about Mo Dao Zu Shi. We shall update this post to give you some more insights into the popular Chinese BL anime. If you would like to read more stuff about Chinese animation, you may check our main blog Yu Alexius for more recommendations.

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