The Cast of Soul Land Live-Action Series – Douluo Continent

Douluo Daluo or popularly known as Soul Land in the west is getting a live-action drama series this 2020 known as Douluo Continent with the former The Untamed star Xiao Zhan taking the lead role of our talented protagonist – Tang San. Xiao Zhan previously played the role of Wei Wuxian in The Untamed – the live-action for famous danmei novel and donghua Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) last 2019.

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Although, Douluo Continent’s release wasn’t revealed yet, it is expected to air either by July or October this 2020. Soul Land was also adapted into a donghua last 2017 and as of writing, accumulated a total of over 90 episodes since then.


Now, while waiting for Douluo Continent’s release date, we have here the main cast of the series who will play the main characters of the story.

Furthermore, a full list cast members of Douluo Continent had been revealed later on and as posted in our main blog in the following link:

The main cast of Doluo Continent Chinese drama

As a fan of the anime adaptation of Soul Land, I am eagerly waiting to see how the live-action adaptation will roll-out. Although, I am a little bit skeptical with live-actions since I have terrible experiences of it in the recent years, The Untamed and The King’s Avatar live-action series had changed my opinion a bit and thus, giving me some hope that this live-action could be really good if done very well.

Nonetheless, I have Douluo Continent live-drama series as one of my must-watch series of 2020 from China.

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