The King’s Avatar Movie – For the Glory Trailer & Posters

Teaser trailer for The King’s Avatar movie had been unveiled giving us a glimpse at the early years of the Glory Professional Alliance and the old gods during their youthful days such as Ye Xiu, Han Wenqing, Lu Liang (the first player behind God-level account Peaceful Hermit, and Blue Rain’s first captain Wei Chen. It seems that we might also see other characters from those era such as the Blood & Blossoms of Team Hundred Blossoms, the birth of the Magician (Wang Jiexi), the beginning of the Golden Generation players, etc.

As seen above, the character visuals for The King’s Avatar movie had been unveiled as it includes posters for Ye Xiu, Su Muqiu (our Umbrella brother), young Su Mucheng, and a new character called Lu Liang.

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Previous, some posters for The King’s Avatar movie had been unveiled as follows:

The King’s Avatar: For the Glory is slated to premiere on August 16, 2019 and will cover the prequel chapters of the original light novel series detailing Ye Xiu’s early years in the alliance and how he became the god that he is right now.

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