Hey guys, you may have read some list posts telling about the strongest characters, the most beautiful or handsome characters from Black Clover. However, have you ever heard or read of the list of the most annoying or troublesome characters from Black Clover? Probably not, or possibly yes. We all know that Black Clover is among those anime series with so many interesting characters to follow but at the same time filled with notorious troublemaker at some points. Therefore, we are sharing these 10 Black Clover characters that were quite fond of bringing disaster but still fun to be with at the end of the day.

Although when I said troublesome, I felt like I talk about the Black Bulls in the majority rather than the whole series of Black Clover as seen in our list below.


6 black clover asta

The main protagonist in the story is also the noisiest among the characters of Black Clover and someone who usually invites trouble to himself and his team. Though, he is the type of person who always makes things brighter and positive for the gang no matter how bad the situation may become.

Yami Sukihero


Oh, what we have here is the captain of Black Bulls and one of the biggest troublemakers in the Black Clover universe. Yeah, this hot foreign guy likes to bring disaster to his team but the end of the day save them all with brute force and his tsundere nature.

Magna Swing


This guy might be a little bit normal than average but his way of thinking might have been filled with too much burning balls that he makes any normal kinds of stuff into a weird situation.

Gauche Adlai

gauche adlai 17287

As much as I love Gauche, his addiction or attraction towards his younger sister is really annoying and bothering. Though it is funny at some point it’s quite troublesome to think about it.

Rill Boismortier

This guy is the captain of Aqua Deer squad. His overwhelming energy and excitement simply rival that of Luck and I felt that they might be some kind of twins separated from each other when they are young.

Luck Voltia

This energetic lad from Black Bulls is definitely a raging ball of fire due to his enthusiasm for the fight. You’ll be in great trouble if he sets his eyes upon you for a duel as he will be one of the most annoying characters out there ever.

Mereoleona Vermillion

Black Clover Mereoleona 04 17 19

Oh my gosh! This lady is a girl on fire literally. The moment she set her eyes on you and she thinks you need some kind of training, you’ll be in big trouble. She’s among the most admirable characters from Black Clover but also a ferocious and fearsome lady to deal with. I doubt any man will dare to get closer to her.

Charmy Pappitson

A very adorable lady I’ll say. However, her appetite is something else; no one will dare to challenge this lass in an eating competition unless they want themselves to get devoured by her enthusiasm. What’s bothersome about this lady is that foods could easily take away her attention, imagine you two in a battle and she instantly finds some food and left you behind. Now, you’re in big trouble, isn’t it unfortunate?

Sekke Bronzazza

Sekke summoning his shooting star
Sekke’s Shooting Star

This guy might be one of the most unfortunate among the Black Clover characters. Wherever he goes, I think the trouble comes with him.

Sol Marron

tumblr pmug7k7pC01tp5yuio5 500

If you’re looking for any girl who likes to talk about her idol, then congratulations we had this girl here who’ll surely annoy you with her devotion to her squad captain. Nonetheless, she’s one of the most naïve but truly fun to be with characters from Black Clovers.

These were only some of those characters whose existence spells trouble in Black Clover. However, I have to admit that they’re all awesome in their own ways and truly admirable to watch in the anime.

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