Top Chinese Anime Like Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)


Soul Land or originally titled as Douluo Dalu is among the most popular Chinese anime these past few years and it has been amazing experience to follow the story of its main protagonist Tang San and his friends. When it comes to action, Soul Land is donghua (Chinese anime) filled with so many fight scenes and interesting world-building. There are monster-hunting which is my personal favorite aspect of the show is. There’s also an arena tournament where the main characters fought against different powerful team for the sake of glory, battle experience, and increasing their battle prowess.

If you are looking for other Chinese anime series which is similar to Soul Land, we have prepared here a list of action Chinese anime that you may want to add in your watchlist once you finished watching Soul Land.



Chinese Anime Like Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

The following are the list of Chinese anime like Soul Land that we highly recommend you to check:


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Battle Through the Heavens


A 3DCG donghua, Battle Through the Heavens aired a little bit early than Soul Land in 2017. They are both inspired by a Chinese web novel and have beautiful world-setting. In Soul Land, they practice strengthening their spirits, in Battle Through the Heavens – our main character Xiao Yan is a genius who had fallen from grace and suffer injustice and humiliation. In order to redeem himself, and his family reputation which had been tarnished, he will embark on a long and exciting journey of strengthening himself and becoming the most powerful Dou Qi practitioner and alchemist. Battle Through the Heavens is the closest Chinese anime that I could compare with Soul Land though there are so many differences in so many ways between the two.



Martial Universe

Martial Universe


Another 3DCG anime, Martial Universe is based on a Chinese web novel of the same title and is written by the same author as Battle Through the Heavens. Thus, the way the story progresses and the world-setting is made, the two have almost similar vibes. Martial Universe is also a cultivation anime like Soul Land and Battle Through the Heavens where one has to climb the ladder in a step by step procedure to strengthen themselves. However, the three anime had similarities which are having some kind of cheat or divine providence or blessing where they acquired something like knowledge or assistance or artifacts that help them overcome and hurdle and immediately rise up in the rank compare to their contemporaries and even surpassing some characters which were higher than them in rank.



81747 stellar2btransformation List of Top Martial Arts-Cultivation Chinese Anime

Stellar Transformations


Also known as The Legend of Immortal, Stellar Transformations is no difference from Soul Land, Martial Universe, and Battle Through the Heavens. It is a cultivation anime with almost the same plot, story, and plot armor. I think what makes it amazing is the fact that its animation quality is quite higher compared to Soul Land and the early seasons of Battle Through the Heavens. However, I believe that Martial Universe is more solid than it when it comes to animation quality.

Read: Stellar Transformations anime season 2 will be release on May 3, 2020



The Grand Lord (The Great Ruler)

The Grand Lord


The Grand Lord is the anime adaptation of the Chinese novel The Great Ruler which is also written by Heavenly Silkworm Potato – the author of Battle Through the Heavens and Martial Universe. The anime is done with the 2D format which gives us a different ambiance compared to the other donghua listed above. Quality-wise, I am quite surprised by how good it is, though the story is no different than the others as it follows the same plot-standard of a typical Chinese cultivation anime, and some scenes were poorly written at some points but I still managed to watch it. However, The Grand Lord is among the closest title to Soul Land in this list as it has the same plot of spirit invocation, they can even summon spiritual beasts which is very similar to Soul Land in some aspect.



4752e yao2bshen2bji List of Top Martial Arts-Cultivation Chinese Anime

Tales of Demons and Gods

This is another cultivation anime that every viewer must watch if you want an interesting story with pretty decent script writing. Though I am not really convinced with the animation quality, I am sincerely captured with the plot of Tales of Demons and Gods, and how every piece of it makes me want to crave for more. Currently, Tales of Demons and Gods have a total of 4 seasons, with its 4th season aired as part of Chinese anime’s spring 2020 lineup.


3deed modao2bzushi2b2 List of Top Martial Arts-Cultivation Chinese Anime

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation


We have here one of the best Chinese animations so far, The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation or Mo Dao Zu Shi is not only your average cultivation anime but the interesting experience of unraveling mysteries and conspiracies, added with the so-called magic of boys-love among the main protagonists. The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is made by B.C. May, it’s the same studio that gave us the first season of highly praised and widely accepted The King’s Avatar which paved the way for the new wave of Chinese anime popularity. Personally, this one is very special to me, and it is my 2nd favorite Chinese anime of all time, just behind The King’s Avatar.


Snow Eagle Lord

We have here a Chinese anime about a military official known as Lord Xue Ying. Action-wise, this anime had some decent fight scenes that I felt like most fans of action anime will surely enjoy.



This one is not a cultivation anime but it is a 3DCG anime and was dubbed as the most expensive Chinese anime project. It is set in a futuristic era with so many interesting and intriguing factors affiliated with its plot. I believe everyone who enjoys action and post-apocalyptic anime may want to check out this one.


Other Chinese anime titles like Soul Land but I won’t delve that much deeper about it are the following:

  • Sword Sovereign
  • A Portrait of Jianghu
  • The Legend and the Hero
  • Paintings of Rivers and Lakes
  • Wings of the World
  • The Legend of the Condor Hero
  • My Holy Weapon


Alright, these were only some of the best recommendations that we had. We will keep you updated with more options as soon as possible as well as other topics that you’ll surely enjoy. For more anime recommendations to be added to your watchlist, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates and best suggestions from the ANIME-ARCHIVES team.


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