Donghua FAQ: What is Chinese Animation Called?

As Chinese animation’s popularity keeps on rising, many of us in the anime community finally take notice of it and start asking – What is Chinese Animation called? We might even have watched them several times before without even knowing that they are animation made from China.

chinese animation the kings avatar
Popular donghua – The King’s Avatar

What is Chinese Animation called?

The answer to this question is quite easy and only comes in one (1) word and that is donghua or means “moving pictures”. Now, that’s more likely the direct translation of the English term – “motion pictures” that we usually encounter in anime films.

However, there’s a more specific term that is also associated with Chinese anime aside from donghua, that term is called “Guoman” or what seems to mean “anime or animation” that’s more likely the specific term to address Chinese animated works. Arguably, donghua has been widely accepted by people outside of China, thus we had been acquainted with calling Chinese animation donghua in a general sense.

Classic Chinese anime
1956’s The Proud General (aka The Conceited General); 1960’s Where Is Mama?, 1988’s Feelings from Mountain and Water and 1963’s The Cowboy’s Flute [Via: BFI]

Many of you might be asking – how long does Chinese animation did exist? Donghua existed for as long as Japanese animation had begun. That was in the early 1900s. Through various events that took place in China in the last 100 years, Chinese animation’s progress and popularity halted albeit it has reached its golden era during the period of 1950s – 1960s where notable donghua was released and received critical acclaim internationally. [Source: Wikepedia]

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