Donghua FAQ: Where Can I Watch Chinese Animation?

Here comes another installment of our Donghua FAQ section and this time, we will answer the question, where can I watch Chinese animation? Yes, people who are new to donghua and even those who had started watching a few years ago are still having this question at the back of their minds.

Where Can I Watch Chinese Animation?

Without further ado, I have listed here a list of sites and apps where fans can watch Chinese anime online? But first of all let me start with introducing a site where Chinese anime or donghua are listed together with necessary details that we need to know about it such as its release date, studio, synopsis, and even official streaming links. A website like MyAnimeList or Anilist, or even LiveChat does not exist for Chinese animation yet, but fans can start by checking out these two sites:

List of Sites to Watch Chinese Animation

Now, let’s move forward to the actual list as follows:

Chinese Video Streaming Platforms

Streaming Websites & Apps

YouTube Channels

Fan Subbing Groups

  • Guodong Subs
  • Mizure (
  • Lonely Rogue
  • Crimson Subs (
  • Cougarwolf
  • Bayi Subs
  • GFearJ
  • Koorudokoohii
  • izfanmade (
  • Kurina Official (
  • Narul Donghua
  • Anixlife
  • Animexin
  • Mundo Donghua (Spanish) –

Alright, so these are all the sites or apps where donghua fans can watch Chinese anime on the web. However, if you wish to add more to this list. Let us know by leaving your comment below and we shall update our list as soon as possible.

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